Beginner’s Guide

If you plan to participate in Crypto Airdrops, Bounties, Giveaways and Holder campaigns, you will need:

New email address, because you will receive lots of emails from different campaigns. We recommend Gmail, a free email service developed by Google.

Wallet addresses for few platforms, where you can receive tokens.
Because above 90% of tokens are on Ethereum(ETH) platform, you need to obtain ethereum wallet address on MyEtherWallet website, or with MetaMask browser extension.

For Tron(TRX) campaigns, use TronLink Wallet to obtain Tron wallet address.

Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and Medium Accounts for most campaigns.
Some campaigns require YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, VK, Bitcointalk, Github, Pinterest, Discord accounts too, so better you obtain them to be ready.

For more information see Frequently Asked Questions

Important tips:
Never use your crypto exchange wallet address in campaigns, because in this case you can't get its private key and will unable to control tokens on it !!!
Don't use fake accounts!!! You can get disqualified from campaigns or will get less tokens(coins) from.
Never share your private keys with anyone. Backup it on paper and store it on the safe place.
Never use the same password for campaigns and your e-mail.
Never send any crypto or money for campaigns.
Be careful with campaigns which requires KYC.
Only join to campaigns from trusted sites.

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